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Orchard Hills

At a glance

  • More homes, with a mix of housing types such as dual occupancies, terraces and apartments.
  • Better and new access to green and open spaces, such as parks and parts of the Wianamatta-South Creek corridor.
  • Thriving public spaces including shops, services and entertainment.
  • Improved and new transport connections, including cycleways and walkways.
  • Better protection from environmental hazards such as bushfires and flooding.


Department of Planning and Environment

State-shaping precinct: precincts that typically create substantial, additional economic value, and are led by multiple agencies in partnership with local council. These require a significant level of whole-of- NSW government leadership.


The Dharug people are the Traditional Custodians of the place we now call Orchard Hills.

Orchard Hills sits at the heart of Western Sydney – an area that we expect to grow and change significantly over the coming decades.

The department is starting a precinct planning process for Orchard Hills. Precinct planning allows us to consider the type of housing, workplaces, open space and transport connections the area will need as well as considering the needs of the existing community.

What's happened so far?

The department recently released a discussion paper to collect community and stakeholder feedback on the early findings and ideas. The discussion paper is about Orchard Hills, the existing community and what we need to consider when planning for its future.

It was open for feedback from 18 November to 16 December 2022. The views and feedback collected are now being reviewed and analysed.

More than 200 residents and landowners attended an online or in person information session on the discussion paper. A recording of the planning for the future of Orchard Hills, online information session is available to view. Frequently asked questions (PDF, 506.6 KB) on the Orchard Hills discussion paper are now available.

Also, in line with the 2022 Housing Package, the department is conducting a range of studies to help us to better understand Orchard Hills. These studies will identify infrastructure such as roads, parks and schools needed by the current community and what will be needed for those who will call Orchard Hills home in the future. The studies will also allow us to better protect the land from natural hazards such as flooding and bushfire.

What happens next?

The preliminary analysis and direction set out in the discussion paper will be further refined by the initial findings from the studies and comments received on the discussion paper.

Feedback provided on the discussion paper will also inform the draft Orchard Hills Precinct Plan.

The draft Orchard Hills Precinct Plan will go on public exhibition in 2023 and the community will again be invited to have their say.

Community consultation and the Independent Community Commissioner

The NSW Government has appointed Professor Roberta Ryan as the Independent Community Commissioner to help with planning for the future of Orchard Hills.

The Community Commissioner is independent of government and will help the community understand the planning process and what any proposed changes may mean. Roberta will also raise community issues and concerns with the Government during the process.

  • For further questions about Orchard Hills, contact the team at [email protected] or phone 1300 420 596, Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm), and select option 2.
  • For translation and interpreting services please phone 13 14 50 and ask for an interpreter in your language to connect you to 1300 420 596. When connected to 1300 420 596 ask to speak to the Orchard Hills planning team.