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Aboriginal land use planning

We’re working with Aboriginal land councils to unlock the potential of Aboriginal community-owned land.

Aboriginal land rights in NSW

The Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) aims to facilitate the return of land in NSW to Aboriginal people through claims over Crown land. The Act recognises that Aboriginal peoples have been dispossessed of their land through the process of colonisation.

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council and a network of 120 local Aboriginal land councils (LALCs) were established to help acquire and manage land for Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal land councils are unique and significant landowners. We work with Aboriginal land councils to help secure benefits from land for Aboriginal communities across NSW.

Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) will be able to access public information through the NSW Planning Portal Spatial Viewer.

A member of the Buugang Wambal team looks over the Bogong Mountain landscape

We’re partnering with Aboriginal communities to care for Country through cultural land management and cultural fire.

A family of emus near Lightning Ridge, NSW. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Quentin Jones

Our framework of planning measures helps local Aboriginal land councils unlock the economic potential of landholdings.

Aboriginal wood carvings near the Menindee Tourist Information Centre. Credit: Destination NSW. Credit: Destination NSW

Our dual-naming policy for geographical features and cultural sites promotes using Aboriginal place names alongside European names.

Aishwarya Bedeka and Micaela Mashiri in Redfern, Sydney CBD NSW. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Salty Dingo

We’re partnering with Aboriginal communities to improve infrastructure and services.

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council case study

We’re supporting the largest non-government landowner on the Central Coast to develop Darkinjung land.

Tessellated Rock Pavement in the Bouddi National Park between Patonga and Pearl Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Our Place on Country: Aboriginal Land Planning Framework

The Aboriginal Land Planning Framework is helping Aboriginal communities across NSW achieve better economic outcomes from their land.