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Bays West

At a glance

  • New employment spaces, as part of the new innovation corridor.
  • New housing to support the jobs created in the precinct and the ongoing growth of the Eastern Harbour City and metropolitan Sydney.
  • Urban renewal of the precinct, integrated with continuing port and working harbour uses.
  • A new Metro station, with connections to new open spaces and social infrastructure.
  • New walking, cycling and public transport options, creating more convenient and direct active transport connections.

Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure

State-shaping precinct: precincts that typically create substantial, additional economic value, and are led by multiple agencies in partnership with local council. These require a significant level of whole-of- NSW government leadership.

Bays West Stage 1 Rezoning Proposal

The Bays West Stage 1 Rezoning Proposal was finalised on 9 December 2022 following public exhibition from 12 August to 8 September 2022.

The rezoning proposal outlines planning controls to guide the development of a new centre for Bays West around the future Bays Metro station and White Bay Power Station.

Development applications can now be lodged for sites within the Stage 1 area (White Bay Power Station and Metro sub-precinct).

The package will help deliver:

  • 5,400 new jobs
  • up to 250 new homes including provision for affordable housing
  • offices, shops, cafes and restaurants
  • social infrastructure such as a multi-purpose community/library hub
  • the historic White Bay Power Station will be protected and reinvented as a centre of cultural activity
  • about 4.16 ha of new public and open space.

The final rezoning documents are available on the NSW Planning Portal.

What happens next

Master planning and rezoning for the remaining stages of Bays West will be progressed and exhibited as renewal of the wider precinct continues.

Community feedback will continue to be sought for future sub-precinct master plan and rezoning proposals that will help shape the future of Bays West.

The vision

Bays West will represent a new kind of Sydney urbanism that respects and celebrates Country. It will build on its natural, cultural, maritime and industrial stories to shape an innovative and sustainable new place for living, recreation and working. New activities, places, connections and destinations will enrich Bays West’s character and meaning over time through built form and public spaces that embrace its natural and cultural heritage.

What's happened so far

We have finalised the Bays West Place Strategy (November 2021) to guide the transformation of Bays West into the future.

The place strategy creates a long-term vision for a connected, vibrant Bays West precinct that is an innovative and sustainable new place for living, working and recreation.

We exhibited the draft place strategy from 22 March to 29 April 2021. It included the Bays West Connecting with Country Framework, which acknowledges the history, culture and continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Bays West.

The Bays West Stage 1 draft Master Plan was exhibited from 4 May to 31 May 2022 and the Bays West Stage 1 rezoning proposal was exhibited from 12 August - 8 September 2022.

Bays West Stage 1 Master Plan and the Rezoning Package were finalised on 9 December 2022. 


Place Strategy

Finalised Nov 2021

The place strategy sets the vision and framework for the development of Bays West over the coming decades.

Stage 1 Master Plan

Exhibition 4–31 May 2022

The draft master plan will inform development and planning controls for the area around the White Bay Power Station and the future Bays Metro station.

Stage 1 Rezoning Proposal

Exhibition 12 Aug–8 Sep

The rezoning proposal includes draft planning controls and a revised Stage 1 master plan.

Stage 1 Rezoning Proposal submissions review

Sep 2022-Dec 2022

The feedback that we receive will help us finalise the rezoning package and planning controls for Stage 1.

Stage 1 Master Plan and Rezoning Package finalised

9 December 2022

The feedback that we receive will help us finalise the rezoning package and planning controls for Stage 1.