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State Environmental Planning Policies

State and local planning legislation and policies set the rules that control what development can occur on your land.

State environmental planning policies (SEPPs) apply across the state. Local environmental plans (LEPs) set planning rules for each local government area.

We regularly review SEPPs to ensure they are up-to-date, effective and simple. In some cases we have consolidated SEPPs.

Below are policies that have recently been or are now under review.

The SEPPs are to be consolidated to align with the thematic framework and 9 theme-based focus areas.

This new SEPP protects major infrastructure corridors.

We continuously monitor the codes SEPP to ensure it is reducing red tape, costs and delays for exempt and complying development.

The Penrith Lakes scheme is governed by chapter 5 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts – Western Parkland City) 2021.

The new planning framework began on 28 February 2019 to further support primary production and rural development.

We are repealing operational SEPPs to remove duplicated, redundant and outdated controls.

An amendment to the state and regional development SEPP is proposed to cover the development of state land adjoining the Sydney Metro North West corridor.