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State-significant precincts

Areas with state or regional planning significance because of their social, economic or environmental characteristics.

Precincts – a new approach

We have developed a new approach to precinct planning to provide certainty and a way forward for revitalising areas across the state. This is part of our work to centre the planning system around people, places, public spaces and the environment. We want to put greater responsibility for planning in the hands of councils and local communities.

State-significant precincts (SSPs) are areas with state or regional planning significance because of their social, economic or environmental characteristics.

Any urban renewal for SSPs must:

  • be carefully assessed
  • closely consider environmental and social factors
  • identify the infrastructure needs of the future population.

We prepare plans in close consultation with the community and local council. We thoroughly assess them all. Plans must be in keeping with NSW Government strategies for providing:

  • well-designed buildings and public spaces
  • healthy environments with open space networks
  • trees
  • links to public transport and road networks
  • jobs and housing.

State-Significant Precincts Guideline

The State-Significant Precincts Guideline 2016 (PDF, 1.5 MB) sets out the process for the rezoning of state-significant precincts.

The SSP process applies to a limited number of special precincts where the government has an on-going role. Where government agencies identify and recommend a precinct, the department determines their significance to state or regional planning objectives and make a recommendation to the minister against the criteria.

Criteria for a state-significant precinct

An SSP must be:

  • a large area of land within a single ownership or control, typically government-owned
  • of state or regional importance in achieving government policy objectives, particularly those for increasing delivery of housing and jobs
  • of state or regional importance for environmental or natural resource conservation
  • of state or regional importance for heritage or historical significance.
Aerial view of the Bays precinct, Sydney.

The Bays precinct is 2 km west of the Sydney CBD. It includes Blackwattle Bay, Wentworth Park, Glebe Island, White Bay, Rozelle Bay, Rozelle Railyards and White Bay Power Station.

Artist's impression of Central Sydney Precinct concept proposal.

Central Sydney is set to become a centre for innovation and technology, establishing Sydney as a global leader in collaboration and jobs for the future.

Cyclists riding in Parramatta Park.

Parramatta North will be revitalised by restoring and protecting existing heritage buildings and infrastructure. The area will become a vibrant place to live, with new homes, shops, restaurants, cafes and parks.

Location in North Eveleigh, Redfern, Sydney CBD NSW. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Salty Dingo

The Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct is 10 ha of government-owned land within the wider Redfern-Waterloo Authority Sites State Significant Precinct.

Aerial view of Sydney Olympic Park facilities and infrastructure.

The review of the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 identifies opportunities to transform the precinct into a thriving urban centre with a new school, 5 added or improved parks, employment opportunities, residential communities and retail.