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Streets and traffic flow

Waterloo south

The plan includes changes to streets, walkways and cycleways to improve traffic flow and make it easier to move around.

Wider and more connected streets

The plan for Waterloo south includes wider and more connected streets. This allows for more spacious walkways, with more room for street furniture such as bench seats, to make it easier and more enjoyable to move between streets.

  • Pitt Street has been extended to join up with McEvoy Street.
  • John Street is extended to run past George Street and connect with Pitt Street.
  • West Street is wider and extends to meet Mead Street.
  • Cooper Street is wider and the sections on either side of John Street are more aligned.


To avoid damage to carparks and the area during heavy rainfall, driveways are positioned on streets where it is less likely to flood. Driveways are allowed on:

  • Pitt Street
  • Reeve Street
  • West Street 
  • John Street
  • Cooper Street.

There is also driveway access around the small park for cars and bikes.

To keep pedestrians safe, cars and bikes will only be allowed to travel around the park at low speeds.

Walkways and cycleways

The plan includes new walkways and place to cycle, to help make it safe and convenient to move around the area.

Four walkways connect the small park to Cope Street and George Street to make it easier to get to and from the park from different sides of Waterloo south.

There is also a shared zone connecting the park to John Street, meaning it can be used by cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

There are also walkways that pass through street blocks to make it easier to get around the area.

The separate dual cycleway currently in place on George Street will stay.