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Low-rise housing diversity

The benefits of low-rise housing diversity

The population of NSW is changing and growing, and an increasing number of people live alone or with a partner. Needs are also changing. People want homes in shapes, sizes and locations that suit their lifestyles – and their budgets.

In response, we have been diversifying housing choices to reflect the needs and preferences of households today and into the future.

We have done this through the low-rise housing diversity code, which is helping to create liveable and desirable communities. The code allows well-designed dual occupancies, manor houses and terraces (up to 2 storeys) to be built under a fast-tracked complying development approval pathway.


We developed the low-rise housing diversity code after almost 3 years of consultation with the community, councils and industry.

The change reflects the more diverse housing choices of the newer code. It applies in all local government areas in NSW, but only where council zoning already permits these forms of housing.

Your stories

Meet the Jabbour family

The Jabbour brothers are building a dual-occupancy premises on the site of their childhood home so they can keep their parents close.

A duplex for the Jabbour family

Learn how building a medium density home meant they could continue to live where the family grew up.

Meet the Keshari family

The Keshari family’s terrace house has all the benefits of a freestanding home while being affordable and close to public transport and open space.

A terrace for the Keshari family

Find out how their medium density terrace home meets their family's needs.

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