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Redfern North Eveleigh

At a glance

  • A former industrial area reinvented as a mixed-use precinct with new jobs, homes, community facilities and open space.
  • Up to 6,200 new jobs in innovation, commercial and creative sectors.
  • 320 new homes including at least 15% affordable housing and 15% for the purposes of diverse housing.
  • New walking paths, including new connections to Redfern station.
  • 1.12 hectares of new public open space. 3,700 square metres of community and cultural floor space for residents and workers, including a dedicated space for the Aboriginal community.
  • Acknowledgement of the Indigenous history of the area.
  • Protection of heritage buildings.

Transport for NSW

State-shaping precinct: precincts that typically create substantial, additional economic value, and are led by multiple agencies in partnership with local council. These require a significant level of whole-of- NSW government leadership.

The Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct is 10 hectares of government-owned land within the wider Redfern-Waterloo Authority Sites State Significant Precinct (SSP).

The SSP process allows the Department of Planning and Environment to consider proposals for new planning controls for areas that are of state or regional planning significance.

The precinct is located to the south-west of Redfern station and is made up of the Paint Shop, Clothing Store and Carriageworks sub-precincts as can be seen on the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct map (PDF, 6.4 MB).

Paint Shop rezoning proposal

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) prepared a rezoning proposal for the Paint Shop sub-precinct. The rezoning proposal was exhibited for comment from 26 July to 25 August 2022.

The department was responsible for gathering submissions and evaluating the proposal. The rezoning has now been finalised.

All feedback received during public exhibition informed the final rezoning package and helped shape the future of Redfern North Eveleigh.

On 8 June 2023 the Sydney LEP was amended to extend the deferred commencement date for the rezoning of the Paint Shop sub-precinct to 15 December 2023. The commencement date was amended to allow time for infrastructure funding arrangements to be finalised. These arrangements will secure contributions towards local infrastructure and affordable housing.

The Paint Shop sub-precinct is located within the broader Tech Central district, with flexible floor space options for technology and innovation industries, new public open space and a range of housing.

The Carriageworks and Clothing Store sub-precincts are not affected by this proposal or its finalisation.

View documents and submissions

The rezoning will deliver:

  • employment floor space to support up to 6,400 jobs
  • 320 dwellings, with a minimum of 15% of affordable housing and a minimum 15% of diverse housing
  • 1.12 hectares of new public open space
  • 3,700 square metres of community and cultural floor space for residents and workers, including a dedicated space for the Aboriginal community
  • new pedestrian and cyclist routes, including direct pedestrian connections to the new Southern Concourse at Redfern Station.

Find out more about the rezoning proposal at TfNSW.

The Tech Central Vision

Redfern North Eveleigh will support innovation, collaboration and jobs for the future as part of Tech Central.

Tech Central stretches from Central Station to Camperdown and will be a global centre of technology and innovation, with more than 25,000 jobs. The precinct will house start-ups, scale-ups and innovation ecosystem partners in 250,000 sqm of office space for technology companies.

What’s happened so far

Study requirements (PDF, 492 KB) were prepared in consultation with state agencies and the City of Sydney council to guide TfNSW investigations into proposed new planning controls in the Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct.

The department, in collaboration with TfNSW, hosted a Place Design Forum in August 2020 to gather feedback from key stakeholders and community to inform planning for Redfern North Eveleigh. The results are captured in the Outcomes Report of the Place Design Forum (PDF, 36 MB).

TfNSW prepared a Strategic vision in March 2021, which formed the first part of the planning process to set the intention for the future of the precinct.

A TfNSW rezoning proposal for the Paint Shop sub-precinct was exhibited from 26 July to 25 August 2022.

The rezoning proposal was finalised in March 2023 and can be found on the NSW Legislation web page.

What happens next

TfNSW and the City of Sydney Council are finalising infrastructure funding arrangements through a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). The draft VPA is due to be exhibited and finalised in the second half of 2023.

The new planning controls will take effect once these matters have been finalised and landowners can then prepare and submit development applications.


Place Design Forum

Aug 2020

The Place Design Forum captured feedback from key stakeholders and the community to inform planning for Redfern North Eveleigh.

Strategic Vision

Mar 2021

Transport for NSW prepared the Strategic Vision to set the framework for planning in the precinct.

Rezoning proposal exhibition

26 Jul - 25 Aug 2022 

The rezoning proposal includes new planning controls to deliver a mixed-use precinct at Redfern North Eveleigh. Exhibition dates released July 2022.

Response to submissions

Late 2022 onwards

TfNSW will amend its rezoning proposal in response to submissions and submit to the department for consideration.

Rezoning package

Finalisation 2023

Feedback from the exhibition will inform the final rezoning package and new planning controls for the precinct.