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Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula

Priority growth areas and precincts

The 6,000 hectare Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) corridor is fast emerging as the heart of Greater Sydney’s Central City, with the area set to grow and change significantly over the next 20 years.

In November 2019, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) released the draft pilot Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC) for (GPOP). The GPOP PIC aims to ensure infrastructure delivery is matched with growth across 26 precincts within the GPOP corridor.

In March 2020 the GSC released its final recommendations on the GPOP PIC to Government. The recommendations have been considered by Government.

With the finalisation of the GPOP PIC, the Department is now moving into the next phase of implementation for GPOP.

View a map of the GPOP area.

A new approach to planning

In 2020 the Government announced a new approach to precinct planning in NSW. A strategic plan for GPOP will be prepared to replace the Greater Parramatta Interim Land Use and Implementation Plan (LUIIP), which is currently supported and given strategic weight through a Ministerial 9.1 Direction.

The strategic plan will establish a land use vision for each of the 26 precincts across GPOP, further investigate potential growth options and infrastructure needs, and implement a staging and sequencing plan. The strategic plan will also be supported by a Special Infrastructure Contribution to be paid by developers to support infrastructure needs.

The strategic plan for GPOP will be developed in close collaboration with the City of Parramatta, Cumberland, Strathfield and Canada Bay councils and state agencies. The strategic plan will be publicly exhibited to encourage community input into the future vision for GPOP.

The department will prepare place strategies to provide a more detailed vision for GPOP precincts that are changing as a result of new infrastructure such as transport links, or where there are significant issues to resolve.

A draft place strategy has been prepared for Westmead. A place strategy is also planned for Camellia-Rosehill in recognition of this precinct’s economic potential and the need to resolve its environmental issues.

What's happened so far

We exhibited the Greater Parramatta Interim Land use and Implementation Plan from July to September in 2017. This is supported by a Ministerial 9.1 Direction (PDF, 519 KB).

The submissions and documents are available on the NSW Planning Portal.

What's happening next

We will prepare a new strategic plan to guide development, working closely with other agencies to coordinate infrastructure and growth.

After establishing a strategic planning framework for GPOP, we will work collaboratively with the City of Parramatta Council and Cumberland Council to support them in undertaking the detailed planning, including the rezoning of the individual precincts.