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New England North West Regional Plan 2041

Implementation plan

An Implementation Plan for 2022-25 (PDF, 638 KB) accompanies this regional plan. Combined, these documents will guide the preparation of local land use strategies, including local strategic planning statements prepared by councils.

Download the New England North West Regional Plan 2041 (PDF, 19.9 MB).

Local land use planning

Councils prepare local plans with the community and state agencies. These plans inform local environmental plans that zone land for different uses.

Local land use planning must reflect the regional plan and draw from the region’s settlement planning principles:

  • Identify growth needs and opportunities
  • Identify and direct suitable land for planned growth
  • Determine the required structure for development
  • Encourage locally responsive, sustainable design.

Find out more about the settlement planning principles in objective 1 and appendix A of the regional plan.

Coordinating committee

The New England North West Delivery, Coordination and Monitoring Committee prioritises activities and works with stakeholders. It includes representatives from councils and State agencies.

Immediate and emerging opportunities include:

  • supporting cities
  • growing the economy
  • protecting important farmland
  • capitalising on renewable energy investments and major infrastructure projects
  • promoting tourism opportunities.

Over time, the committee will identify new priorities, coordinate funding and support preparation of the local land use plans.

The committee will monitor and review progress against indicators for housing, employment, communities and the environment. It will provide advice to the NSW Government through an annual monitoring report.

Key achievements of the previous plan

Key implementation achievements from the New England North West Regional Plan 2036 (PDF, 3.1 MB) included:

  • delivery of the Regional Intensive Agribusiness Data and Gap Analysis Report
  • Regional City Activation Plans developed for Armidale and Tamworth
  • delivery of the New England North West Housing and Land Monitor, providing an annual review of housing and employment land activity in the region
  • delivery of the Urban Design Guide for Regional NSW for connected, healthy communities
  • Aboriginal Heritage Landscape Mapping completed for new urban release areas across the New England North West region.