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Central Coast

The resident population of the Central Coast is forecast to grow by 22 per cent to 415,000 residents by 2036.

The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 aims to:

  • deliver the infrastructure, housing and jobs needed to cater for future population growth
  • create vibrant, liveable, connected urban centres with green spaces and protected biodiversity.

The natural environment is one of the key reasons people choose to live in and visit the area.

Protecting the Central Coast’s many native plants and animals is necessary to help create connected, vibrant and liveable urban areas.

Developing a strategic conservation plan

We are preparing the Central Coast strategic conservation plan in collaboration with the Greater Cities Commission to support urban development while protecting plants, animals and their habitats at a landscape scale. This work includes assessing impacts on biodiversity from future urban growth on the Central Coast and developing a conservation plan to offset new development.

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council owns a significant portfolio of lands across the Central Coast. We will continue to collaborate with the land council on how to best make land available for development while protecting areas with important biodiversity and cultural values.

We will work closely with landholders, the community and other stakeholders in developing the conservation plan.

For more information, email [email protected] or phone 1300 305 695.