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North West Growth Area

We are working to create an attractive and well-connected community, where people can live with good access to public transport, community facilities, jobs, open spaces, shops and cafes.

The development of Vineyard (Stage 1) precinct will include a proposed primary school, around 27 hectares of open space focused on the Killarney Chain of Ponds and adjacent land for new playing fields, parks and cycleways, a village centre and up to 2,300 new homes.

Key infrastructure includes local roads, drainage and open space, which will be delivered to support the growing community.

The Vineyard community will benefit from a central green spine along the Killarney Chain of Ponds providing recreational uses and extensive views to the Blue Mountains. The suburb also offers great connection to nearby rural land.

Stage one rezoning

The rezoning of part of the Vineyard precinct will create a new community with shops, cafes and substantial green open space in Sydney's North West.

Vineyard (Stage 1) precinct

Creating a new community with shops, cafes and substantial green open space in Sydney’s north west.

Infrastructure schedule

We are working with infrastructure providers including Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy to coordinate the planning and delivery of essential infrastructure to meet demand for new homes in the precinct.

Part of the Stage 1 area presently has access to water, sewer and electricity services which will service approximately 500 new homes. The delivery of an electricity substation by Endeavour Energy will supplement the remaining properties in Stage 1 while lead-in sewer mains may be delivered by either the private sector or Sydney Water.

Consultation and feedback

The draft plans for Stage 1 were exhibited between 12 December 2016 and 28 February 2017.

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback on the draft plans and for attending drop–in sessions. A total of 51 submissions were received, including 40 from the public and 11 from government agencies.

The key issues raised in the public submissions include:

  • the proposed residential zoning of land and lot sizes
  • the proposed placement of drainage infrastructure
  • open space and the Environmental Living (E4) zone
  • the new and amended road layout.

Next steps

The rezoning of Vineyard – Stage 2 is deferred until confirmation of essential services.