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Hunter region

A special infrastructure contribution (SIC) has been proposed to help fund new or upgraded infrastructure across the Hunter region.

The 3 catchment areas (Lower Hunter, Upper Hunter and Mid Coast) would have different contribution rates, reflecting their varying infrastructure needs and development plans.

The SIC would apply to new land released for residential and industrial development. 

The SIC would collect up to $468.8 million to help fund:

  • state and regional roads
  • primary and secondary schools
  • police station, ambulance station and community health facilities.

Infrastructure contributions reform

The NSW Productivity Commissioner has proposed reforms to the infrastructure contributions system.

To learn more, read Improving the infrastructure contributions system.

For more information, phone the Housing Supply and Infrastructure team on 1300 420 596.

Further background information about Hunter Region SIC

2016-2017 consultation and engagement

There has been a range of consultation and engagement activities undertaken to inform the development of the draft determination for the Hunter Region SIC.

They include:

  • the release of a discussion paper in October 2016 on the SIC alongside the Hunter Regional Plan 2036 seeking feedback from written submissions.
  • consultation sessions on the discussion paper, throughout November and December 2016.
  • analysis of workshop feedback and 16 written submissions from Hunter Region and Central Coast councils, peak bodies for the development industry and local community groups.
  • a series of follow-up workshops with development industry representatives such as UDIA, PCA, HIA and local councils on Hunter Region SIC policy directions in March 2017.
  • a data collection campaign with government agencies, local councils and industry to support evidence-based policy setting and contribution charges throughout April and October 2017.
  • the release of a proposed approach paper on the SIC in December 2017, seeking feedback from written submissions.
  • briefing sessions on the proposed approach with Hunter Region councils, committee members of peak industry bodies, including the UDIA, PCA, and PIA and peak industry body members.
  • analysis of 25 written submissions on the proposed approach to inform the drafting of the determination.