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New England North West Regional Plan 2041

Many investments in the region will improve freight movements and make it easier for people to get around. The regional plan will sit alongside Regional Transport Plan to be developed by Transport for NSW.

Download the New England North West Regional Plan 2041 (PDF, 19.9 MB).

Inland Rail

Inland Rail is the biggest infrastructure planned for the region. It will transform how producers can get their goods to domestic and international markets and to port infrastructure.

The Moree and Narrabri Special Activation Precincts will capitalise on Inland Rail. This may include the co-location of infrastructure or the integration of emerging transport technologies.

With Inland Rail expected to see 2 million tonnes of agricultural freight moving from road to rail, we’ll see additional rail capacity on the Main North Line into Newcastle and Sydney. This will benefit intermodal terminals in areas like Werris Creek, Tamworth and (once developed) Narrabri Inland Port.

Find out more in objective 19 (PDF, 19.9 MB) of the regional plan.

Freight connections

Most freight is moved along the New England and Newell highways. The Kamilaroi Highway to the New England Highway moves freight to and from the Far West, and the Gwydir Highway also carries freight movements to Grafton and the Far West.

The regional plan considers how to manage the forecast increase in freight movements. If we can achieve more efficient freight movements, we can also better integrate – and open opportunities for – other related land uses. This includes agricultural production and processing, warehousing and distribution or infrastructure like airports and ports.

Find out more by reading objective 20 (PDF, 19.9 MB) of the regional plan.