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Greenfield Housing Code maps

The Greenfield Housing Code maps were amended on 2 December 2022 to incorporate several areas that have now been rezoned to residential and to clarify where the Greenfield Housing Code applies.

Check the maps below to see if your property is in a greenfield area.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Greenfield Housing Code do?

The Greenfield Housing Code applies to greenfield areas across NSW. The Greenfield Housing Code allows 1-2 storey homes, alterations and additions to be carried out under the fast-track complying development approval pathway. It was developed specifically for greenfield areas.

The Greenfield Housing Code maps were first produced in 2018 but were not updated as new greenfield areas were rezoned. The Greenfield Housing Code relies on these maps for permissibility. While all the Greenfield Housing Code maps were updated in December 2022 in one amendment, it is essential that the maps are updated as land is rezoned.

How were the first Greenfield Housing Code maps made?

In 2018 (introduction of the Code) the department’s Geographic Information System team identified urban release areas that had been rezoned to residential. This was done by layering the Growth Centres SEPP, LEP Urban Release Land and some land in the Precincts SEPP. The areas identified through this process formed the basis for the Greenfield Housing Code maps.

How are Greenfield Housing Code maps updated?

When Urban Release Areas (URAs) are rezoned to residential those areas should be included in the Greenfield Housing Code by updating the maps. Councils can also nominate areas to be included in the Greenfield Housing Code that are not URAs if they specifically want the Greenfield Housing Code to apply.

A Greenfield Housing Code map can be updated or produced at the same time councils’ LEP zoning map is being updated. This will ensure consistent information about new release/greenfield areas is available for all stakeholders and the Greenfield Housing Code will apply from the time of rezoning. The department’s District and Regional teams will be able to facilitate this process.

What are the benefits of being included in the Greenfield Housing Code?

The Code provides a fast-track complying development pathway that has been developed specifically for greenfield areas. It applies to lots zoned R1, R2, R3, R4 and RU5.

The Code has different planning controls to the Housing Code such as the requirement for a tree to be planted in the front and rear yards of new dwellings and consistent front and rear setbacks.

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