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Wilton 2040

Wilton in 2040 will be a landmark area in the Western Parkland City where the local community and businesses are flourishing. Wilton will have grown sustainably over the last 20 years, adapting to changes in community expectations, and taking advantage of employment and transport innovations.

Wilton will be known for its protection and conservation of the natural environment, particularly its koala corridor, enhancing the experience of living and working in Wilton. It will offer a key location for job opportunities that benefit from direct access to Greater Macarthur, Wollongong, and the new Western Sydney Airport.

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What’s happened so far

The draft Wilton 2040 was exhibited during 2018. After consideration of submissions, Wilton 2040 was adopted on 28 September 2018.

The documents and submissions on Wilton 2040 are available on the NSW Planning Portal.

We collaborated with Wollondilly Shire Council and other stakeholders to prepare the Wilton Growth Area Development Control Plan (DCP).

The DCP contains detailed development controls for urban development in the Wilton Growth Area. This includes the rezoned South East Wilton and North Wilton Precincts, which will be the first stages of development for the growing Wilton community.

The DCP is available on the NSW Planning Portal.

The Wilton Town Centre Precinct has been rezoned with a commencement date of 31 March 2022 to allow time for a Voluntary Planning Agreement to be finalised with the proponent. This precinct is an important part of the Wilton Growth Area, with much of the key infrastructure required for the development of the Growth Area being delivered in the Town Centre Precinct.

What’s happening next

Precinct planning and the potential future rezoning of Wilton West, Wilton South and Maldon precincts will be undertaken through collaboration between council and the department. Council will lead the planning of these precincts, with support from the department to resolve complex issues, determine appropriate timing of development and infrastructure, and together drive a quality place outcome.

The department and council are collaborating on the preparation of a Staging and Sequencing Plan (SSP) for the Wilton Growth Area. The SSP will build on the Wilton Growth Area Infrastructure and Phasing Plan and council's Local Contributions Plan, and will be aligned to support development on the ground as it occurs.