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Greater Macarthur Growth Area

The vision for Campbelltown is the metropolitan city centre providing a gateway to the South West and serving the wider growth area. The Greater Sydney Commission draft Western City District Plan and draft Region Plan show Campbelltown–Macarthur as one of four metropolitan cities that make up the Western City.

It will be a world-class health and education precinct, based around existing facilities and will provide a range of business, investment and work opportunities as well as a range of shopping choices. Campbelltown will provide jobs, homes, cultural facilities and retail areas to support a growing community.

In response to community feedback, we have updated the plan by:

  • Removing the maximum indicative heights for high rise development so that appropriate heights can be determined at the detailed planning stage
  • Identifying the HJ Daley Library and Early Learning Centre as community infrastructure
  • Changing Badgally Road from a potential transit connection to a potential road connection.

Next steps

Rezoning within this precinct can now occur through:

  • Planning proposals submitted by landowners to Campbelltown City Council. These proposals need to be consistent with the Greater Macarthur Growth Area Implementation Plan and relevant precinct plan;
  • Council led local environmental plan amendments; or
  • State Government led planning for certain precincts.

Once rezoning occurs, Campbelltown City Council will be responsible for implementing the precinct plan.


Map showcasing locations within the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.

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