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Agribusiness precinct

Western Sydney Aerotropolis

The Agribusiness precinct is on the western edge of the Western Sydney Airport and framed by the proposed Outer Sydney Orbital. The precinct offers key access points to the airport, allowing the development of agribusiness uses which could include integrated logistics, air freight, integrated intensive production, food innovation, fresh product and value-added food – pharmaceuticals.

Development in the precinct will build on the existing topography and natural features. Open spaces have been identified in strategic locations to protect creek corridors and areas of high biodiversity significance, and to improve access to open space for residents in Luddenham Village. Access and connection with Country will be facilitated and encouraged to enable opportunities for recreation, education, employment and business.

The precinct will build on successful agricultural operations and develop new agribusiness opportunities while protecting and embracing important vegetation within the landscape. This includes the development of integrated food and supply chain-related industries particularly those that rely on the skills of the growing population in the Western Parkland City. These industries will generate employment opportunities in high technology agriculture with customer-centric digitally enhanced systems, processes and platforms to enable rapid distribution connections to the broader road freight supply chain in Greater Sydney. The precinct will provide opportunities for education and tourism.

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