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Cherrybrook Precinct

Priority growth areas and precincts

At a glance

  • A compact green village with about 3,200 new homes. Buildings will be generally 5 storeys.
  • More than 2.3 ha of new open space and protection of the Blue Gum High Forest. New streets will have at least 50% tree cover.
  • A new town centre based around the metro station with about 410 new homes, a supermarket, cafes, a community/library facility and open spaces.
  • Most new homes in the precinct will be within 400 m walk or 5 minutes walk of the metro station.
  • New pedestrian and cycling paths to make it easier to get around.

State-shaping precinct: precincts that typically create substantial, additional economic value, and are led by multiple agencies in partnership with local council. These require a significant level of whole-of- NSW government leadership.

The vision

Cherrybrook Precinct will be transformed into a compact Green Village within 5 minutes walk of the metro station. The precinct will be centred on a vibrant town centre adjacent to the station with the creation of retail spaces and amenities – including cafes, shops, community and library facilities and local businesses – that meet the needs of commuters and locals alike.

Recreation areas and public spaces will make the precinct a social hotspot for residents, while preserving the leafy character of the area that long-time residents treasure. New apartments near the local centre will offer housing diversity and affordability for a growing population who will benefit from having easy access to public transport.

Three separate but related plans for the Cherrybrook Precinct have now been finalised:

  • The Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy, which will help guide the development of the wider Cherrybrook Precinct and inform future rezoning.
  • Landcom’s rezoning for the Cherrybrook Station State Significant Precinct (SSP), which covers government-owned land next to the metro station, which will facilitate the new town centre.
  • An amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Planning Systems, to list the Cherrybrook Station government land as a State Significant Development (SSD) site.

All three plans were exhibited from 22 July to 28 August 2022 and feedback collected during exhibition informed their finalisation and is helping to shape the future of Cherrybrook Precinct. A summary of this feedback has been provided in a Consultation outcomes report (PDF, 585 KB) and how we responded to the key issues raised has been summarised in the What we heard report (PDF, 233 KB).

The location of the Cherrybrook Station SSP and the wider Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy are indicated in the precinct map (PDF, 527 KB).

Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy

The Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy has now been finalised.

The place strategy is a 20-year plan to enhance Cherrybrook’s leafy bushland residential character with new open space, more street trees and better access for pedestrians and cyclists. It will guide development of the wider Cherrybrook Precinct and inform future rezoning and planning controls to shape the creation of a green village.

Cherrybrook Precinct will be a compact and walkable green village that:

  • delivers 3,200 new homes near a metro station to increase walkability and reduce car use
  • increases the range of housing types in the area including medium-density apartments generally around 5 storeys high and 3 storey terraces
  • preserves Cherrybrook’s natural beauty with increased tree canopy and protection of Blue Gum High Forest
  • increases open space for everyone to enjoy including three new local parks and an expansion of the Robert Road Reserve
  • improves pedestrian access with walking trails and cycling paths connecting public spaces and access to the station and new town centre.

View the final Place Strategy and supporting documents on the NSW Planning Portal.

Cherrybrook Station SSP rezoning proposal

The Cherrybrook Station SSP has been rezoned. The rezoning affects the government-owned land next to the metro station.

Landcom prepared the rezoning proposal on behalf of the landowner Sydney Metro through the SSP process. The department was responsible for assessing the proposal.

The rezoning will enable a new mixed-use town centre of 5–6 storeys with retail, community and library facilities, new open space and about 410 new homes.

View the final rezoning package documents on the NSW Planning Portal.

Find out more about the rezoning proposal at Landcom.

A SEPP amendment has also been finalised to list the Cherrybrook Station government land as a SSD site. This will allow future development applications for the government land to be lodged using the SSD process.

What happens next

Cherrybrook Precinct Place Strategy

Now adopted, the final place strategy has come into effect through a Ministerial Direction requiring rezonings or planning proposals to follow its intent and guidance.

Further planning investigations will be required following the approval of the Place Strategy to implement the recommendations as rezonings and amended planning controls. The future rezonings will amend the Local Environment Plans (LEPs) of Hills Shire Council and Hornsby Shire Council.

Implementation of the Place Strategy recommendations and further investigations across both Council areas have commenced through the state-led rezoning process. This reflects the preferences outlined in The Hills Shire Council and Hornsby Shire Council submissions.

The state-led rezoning process will provide opportunity for community feedback through public exhibition of the draft LEP.

Cherrybrook Station SSP rezoning proposal

Now approved, the amendments to the Hornsby LEP have rezoned the government land and set planning controls to facilitate the development of the site as a vibrant mixed-use centre.

SEPP Planning Systems amendment

Now approved, the amendment list the Cherrybrook Station government land as an SSD site. This means development applications for this site that meet the provisions of the SEPP can be lodged through the SSD pathway.

What's happened so far

Cherrybrook Precinct is a part of the Northwest Rail Link Corridor Strategy, which aims to create new vibrant centres and housing within walking distance of Sydney Metro stations.

The corridor strategy was finalised in 2013 and included the Cherrybrook Station Structure Plan (PDF, 8 MB), which outlines the vision for the Cherrybrook Precinct. The finalised Place Strategy now replaces this 2013 Structure Plan.