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Why are DAs required?

Your guide to the DA process

A development consent permits a new building that will change our environment, and may affect our amenity or the amenity of those around us.

A DA is required to:

  1. Manage change to ensure that the cumulative impacts of developments do not negatively affect the environment.
  2. Balance public and private interests by ensuring new development fits the character of the area and sits comfortably within the ‘public domain’ (e.g. streets, laneways or public reserves).
  3. Provide an impartial process which allows interested members of the community to raise issues, to ensure a balanced and considered outcome for all.
  4. Ensure that the hard infrastructure (e.g. stormwater drainage, car parking and power supply) and soft infrastructure (e.g. trees and landscaping) needed for your development is provided.
  5. Ensure that your building is structurally safe, protected from fire and has appropriate access to sunlight and ventilation.