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North Wilton

We are planning for thriving, attractive and well-connected communities to add to the pipeline of new homes needed for a growing Greater Sydney. North Wilton will be a place where people can live and work, and enjoy good access to open spaces, community facilities, public transport, shops and services, and is located adjacent to the forthcoming Wilton Town Centre precinct providing access to jobs, services, schools and hospitals.

North Wilton has been rezoned. The rezoning of the precinct is consistent with the vision for the Wilton Growth Area. Wilton will be a landmark area in the Western Parkland City where the local community and businesses are flourishing.

The plan for North Wilton aims to:

  • plan for a variety of housing
  • create a new local centre and schools
  • create local jobs
  • provide essential infrastructure
  • improve connections by extending the road network
  • provide more public transport options
  • provide open spaces and parks
  • protect the environment and heritage
  • manage the risk of bushfires
  • a new zoning, the Urban Development Zone.

A draft Neighbourhood Plan and a Stage 1 Development Application has been lodged with Wollondilly Shire Council by the proponent of the North Wilton Precinct. Both are currently being assessed by Council prior to public consultation.

Read the finalisation report

What’s happened so far

The plans for North Wilton were exhibited from November 2017 to February 2018 and we received 63 submissions including the advice of Council and State agencies.

We have worked with the local community, the proponent, Wollondilly Shire Council, Transport for NSW, Department of Education and other State agencies to update the plan for North Wilton.

Some of the key issues that you told us at the drop-in sessions include:

  • high School capacity: many families have children nearing the end of primary and have concerns about where they can go for high school
  • transport: concerns surrounding the current rail network and the need for electrification in the future
  • traffic: there is little transport in the area, not designed for large population
  • timing: for rezoning
  • employment: lack of options for industry jobs (i.e. trades) is a concern.

The documents and submissions are available on the NSW Planning Portal.