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Rhodes is an important Strategic Centre in the Eastern City District Plan, with significant opportunities to create a great new place to live, work and visit.

In 2015 the City of Canada Bay Council nominated Rhodes as an area for potential renewal and has been collaborating with us and state agencies on plans for the area.

The precinct is made up of land to the east and west of Rhodes train station, between the rail line and Concord Road.

What’s happened so far

The Rhodes Precinct was rezoned on 30 October 2021 following the finalisation of the Rhodes Place Strategy.

The Rhodes Place Strategy is a plan for the development of the Rhodes Precinct over the next 20 years. See a map of the Rhodes Precinct (PDF, 14.7 MB).

An infrastructure schedule will ensure Rhodes gets the infrastructure it needs to thrive as it grows.

You can see the place strategy documents and the infrastructure schedule on the NSW Planning Portal.

The Rhodes Place Strategy aims to deliver:

  • about 4,200 new homes, with an initial cap of 3,000 homes until further infrastructure is provided
  • up to 1,100 new jobs
  • a new primary school
  • upgrades to Rhodes train station
  • a new ferry wharf
  • improved pedestrian and walking paths
  • 2.3 hectares of new public open space including a foreshore park and promenade on the Parramatta River
  • excellence in design and sustainability, including dual reticulation for development, incentives to exceed BASIX targets and tree canopy targets.

The draft place strategy was exhibited for feedback between 31 August and 9 October 2020.

Find out how we responded to your feedback by reading our What We Heard report (PDF, 2.9 MB), or read the simplified Chinese version of the What We Heard report (PDF, 2.5 MB).

The Rhodes Place Strategy builds on earlier work:

The finalisation of the place strategy allows landowners to submit development applications (DAs) to Council to begin renewal of the precinct. The community will be able to provide feedback on each DA as they are considered by council.

What’s happening now

The department is now seeking to understand if there are any new challenges to progressing development within the precinct.

We are inviting landowners to speak with us about any challenges or concerns.

If you are a landowner and would like to take up this invitation, please reach out to us with the matters you wish to discuss at [email protected] by 4 November 2022. We will then arrange a date and time for you and the Rhodes Precinct project team to meet if required.

Rhodes Character Areas

The Rhodes Precinct is made up of four character areas. The draft place strategy sets out the height, density and design of buildings in each character area and transitions between the areas.

Station Gateway West

Station Gateway West will connect Rhodes Station to Parramatta River in a landmark development delivering new jobs, homes and shops. New residential and commercial opportunities will be accompanied by a new public space on Marquet Street and improved access to Rhodes Station while ensuring existing open space has good solar access throughout the day.

The area could accommodate up to 701 additional dwellings. Maximum building heights range from 113m (33 storeys) to 151m (45 storeys).

Station Gateway East

Station Gateway East captures the opportunities created by its position next to Rhodes Station. A Station Bridge Plaza with a pedestrian bridge and shops will connect across Concord Road and into McIlwaine Park. Future development will ensure McIlwaine Park remains a key public open space area in the precinct.

There is the potential for up to 1,500 new dwellings in Station Gateway East. The maximum heights range between 32m (10 storeys) and 117m (37 storeys).

Cavell Avenue

Cavell Avenue is the residential heart of the Rhodes Precinct, home to a genuine community close to amenities and services. Cavell Avenue will be focused on community and residential uses, with a human-scale built form with terraces addressing the street creating a balance between public/private amenity and an active and safe pedestrian environment.

Cavell Avenue could house up to 1,134 new dwellings. The maximum height is up to 36m (11 storeys).

Leeds Street

Leeds Street will be focused on Parramatta River and include a new ferry wharf, a new public park of at least 7,500 sqm and shops and cafes. Low to mid-rise buildings with a range of ground-floor uses will front the foreshore park, along with waterfront promenades, water transit plazas and pedestrian green links.

There is the potential for up to 903 new dwellings in Leeds Street. The maximum heights for buildings range from 8 storeys (26.1m / RL 34.1m) to 18 storeys (57.1m / RL 65.1m).