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Marine estate management

The department is a member agency of the NSW Marine Estate Management Authority, which coordinates policies and programs for maintaining and improving the state’s marine environment, including its network of marine parks and aquatic reserves.

The NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy was created to guide management over the 10 years to 2028. It includes actions focusing on 9 interlinked initiatives:

  1. improving water quality and reducing litter
  2. delivering healthy coastal habitats with sustainable use and development
  3. planning for climate change
  4. protecting the Aboriginal cultural values of the marine estate
  5. reducing impacts on threatened and protected species
  6. ensuring sustainable fishing and aquaculture
  7. enabling safe and sustainable boating
  8. enhancing social, cultural and economic benefits
  9. delivering effective governance.

What we’re doing

To implement the strategy, we are supporting the following projects to improve water quality and deliver healthy coastal habitats.

Managing construction sediment

We are helping protect our waterways by providing accessible, best practice advice on erosion and sediment control for small scale building sites.

Builders and developers must manage their construction sites to minimise erosion and sediment run off into surrounding waterways. We’re improving water quality across NSW through a set of standard development consent conditions.

We’re also working on updated guidelines to help builders on small-scale construction sites manage erosion and sediment pollution. The draft guidelines were on exhibition on the NSW Planning Portal from 22 September to 29 October 2023. The feedback received will inform the final guidelines.

Updating the Coastal Design Guidelines

We're updating the Coastal Design Guidelines for NSW (PDF, 9 MB) to better manage development big and small along the NSW coast. The guidelines were published in 2003 to help planners and urban designers create settlements that are appropriate for their coastal environments.

We exhibited the revised guidelines for public comment from 29 July to 9 September 2022. Your feedback on the draft 2022 NSW Coastal Design Guidelines will inform the final version.

For more information on all strategy projects, visit NSW Marine Estate.