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Livvi’s Place, Warragamba

Livvi’s Place Warragamba is a true community-driven playspace project. The local community came together to design the space, host fundraisers and raise awareness of the need for inclusion.

The project was a partnership between the NSW Government, Touched by Olivia, Wollondilly Shire Council and community members. It was led by a local resident, with support from key stakeholder groups in the Aboriginal and disability communities.

The team understood they needed to go to the broader community to rally public support. Consultations were held at local festivals and Warragamba Public School, where students helped design key features of the playspace. A fundraising rodeo was also hosted, where the mayor auctioned off pieces of equipment for sponsorship.

Today, the playspace is loved by the locals, as it reflects what is special to them. Its unique elements include fence panels designed by a local Gundungurra Elder that illustrate local Aboriginal history, and an entrance wall decorated with over 200 tiles by Warragamba Public School students. Livvi’s Place demonstrates the value of taking a project vision to the community and highlights the benefits community ownership brings.