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Showground Station

The Showground Station Precinct has now been rezoned. The redevelopment of the precinct will transform the area around Showground Station into a vibrant urban centre, deliver nearly two hectares of parks and new open space and provide community facilities, recreation areas and a mix of housing choice for people at all life stages.

The new precinct will provide for around 2,300 new jobs over the next 20 years, harnessing the benefits of the $20 billion Sydney Metro, Australia's largest public transport project. The Castle Hill Showground site will continue its role as an important cultural and recreational facility and there will be improved access to Cattai Creek. About 5,000 new homes will also be delivered over the next 20 years, with a new design excellence clause to ensure all buildings meet a high standard of architecture and urban design.

The department has made the following changes to the draft proposal based on community feedback:

  • The introduction of an incentive clause within The Hills Local Environment Plan (LEP) that encourages a mix of apartment types and sizes, supporting The Hills Council's family friendly dwelling strategy
  • A new provision has been introduced that ensures no more than 5,000 new dwellings can be delivered in the Showground Precinct
  • An increase to the amount of open space at Chapman Avenue Reserve
  • Changes to minimum lot size requirements for residential flat buildings to encourage the formation of larger development sites
  • Site specific development control plans will be required for development on sites greater than 3,600 metres to improve the master planning outcomes of larger development
  • An improved design excellence clause in The Hills LEP so new buildings meet a high standard of architecture and urban design
  • Proposed changes to land west of Cattai Creek has been deferred until further urban design and landscape master planning work is completed. This area will be subject will subject to additional community consultation and public exhibition.
  • Council's request for a bonus scheme, by which additional floor space is provided for development greater than one hectare and providing for larger apartments, has also been agreed to. Community consultation identified that many landowners are already seeking to aggregate development parcels greater than one hectare. Safeguards have been included in the rezoning to ensure sites that can't aggregate to one hectare because of the road network or current lot configuration can still benefit from the bonus, with Council approval.

A final report Showground Station Precinct Finalisation Report, December 2017 (PDF, 4.7 MB) is available.

Showground Station Precinct: rezoning

Watch the video and find out how Sydney Metro is transforming Sydney's future with the rezoning of the Showground Station Precinct to create a lively community including a new town centre with shops, cafes and green open space, along with 2,300 new jobs for Sydney’s north-west.


Consultation and feedback

The exhibition period has now closed, however you can still view materials related to the consultation below.

Exhibition Newsletter

View a copy of the January 2016 Newsletter - Showground Station Precinct (PDF, 8.5 MB) released for the exhibition of the precinct.

Online survey

As part of the Precinct Support Scheme, up to $5 million has been allocated to improving local infrastructure around the Showground Station precinct.

An online survey was conducted throughout April and early May 2016, to get community feedback about how the council can use this money to improve the areas around the station. Results of the survey will be made public in late May 2016.