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Environment and heritage

In this section, you will find plans stretching from our parklands to the skies; from our native animals to our vegetation

As our population grows and our state develops, we are ensuring the natural environment and our heritage are protected. Discover more about our parklands, skies, native animals and vegetation.

View of Sydney Opera house from Dr Mary Booth Reserve, Kirribilli, Sydney. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Salty Dingo

Our updated state environmental planning policy (SEPP) for certain water catchments, waterways, bushland and the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Property.

The night sky filled with bright stars over the dark sky park in the Warrumbungles. Credit: Destination NSW

Working with Siding Sprint Observatory and Dubbo School of Distant Education to prevent light pollution.

Beach in Crowdy Bay National Park. Crowdy Head near Taree, NSW. Credit: NSW Department of Planning and Environment / Jaime Plaza Van Roon

A new approach to supporting farming and protecting the environment.

Heritage building ornate structure and roof details.

Managing significant heritage building projects and collaborating on the minister’s stonework program.

Koala in tree, Wollondilly Koala Project. Credit: Bear Hunt Photography / Save Our Species program

Considering koala habitat during development assessments and helping councils develop strategic management plans.

Vegetation in Cumberland area. Credit: Greg Steenbeek

How we regulate native vegetation clearing not needing development consent, on land zoned for urban and environmental purposes.