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Masterplanned communities

Key partners: Penrith City Council, Touched By Olivia Foundation

Landscape architects: JMD Landscape Architects

Civil engineers: JWPrince

Landscape contractors: Glascott

Across NSW there are new neighbourhoods being established that are designed and built with a consciousness of the amenities for new communities, including the creation of parks and playspaces. Many of the developers designing these masterplanned communities are thinking about the needs of all their future residents and applying the principles of ‘Everyone Can Play’ into the design of their new playspaces.

The development industry can play a leadership role in the creation of inclusive playspaces across NSW. An good example of inclusive playspaces is the partnership between Lendlease, the Touched by Olivia Foundation (TBO) and Penrith Council, to create an inclusive playspace at Jordan Springs. There are many opportunities to influence the design of open spaces within masterplanned communities to ensure people “Can Get There, Play and Stay”. This story, published by Lendlease, outlines the partnership that Lendlease lead to create Livvi’s Place, Jordan Springs.

"Inclusive playspaces enable children and parents of all abilities and ages to have access to a variety of play experiences together.

Lendlease, in partnership with the Touched By Olivia Foundation (TBO) and Penrith City Council, has delivered an inclusive playspace within the Jordan Springs masterplanned community. The playspace is located in a three-hectare neighbourhood parkland at the gateway to Jordan Springs, providing easy access for the established surrounding communities as well as new residents. A 40-space carpark and mini-bus drop-off zone with a public amenity building provide high-quality access to the playspace.

The playspace’s design responds to Lendlease’s core safety, sustainability and diversity principles through innovative design and creates a sense of place and belonging, enhancing the Jordan Springs community. The concept design and design development process integrated best practice with landscape architects. Parents of local children and young adults with special needs, local schools and community academics have been consulted on the playground/s design, resulting in a series of integrated play elements, gathering spaces, and quiet spaces to respond to these needs.

Water play is a popular feature of the playspace, which combined with a series of shade structures and canopy tree planting provides a welcome break to Sydney’s summer heat. The playspace’s features are connected along a path with seating and shade, and a water tank doubles as a stage for improvised performances such as music or dance. Next to the playspace is an informal open space, picnic zones with electric barbecues, half basketball court, and a modified playing field to cater for junior sporting events.

The work of TBO promotes diversity and inclusion. Enabling people with special needs to participate in the community through inclusive playspaces educates others that disability is a part of life and that people with a disability are capable, willing and able to participate in society.

The inclusive playspace responds to the Jordan Springs Landscape Masterplan’s strategic objectives which includes network connectivity, multi-use facilities, catering for responsiveness to needs, and providing a wide variety of community gathering spaces. The Jordan Springs open space network also is conveniently located, adjacent to the Wianamatta Regional Parklands owned and managed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife.

By partnering with TBO through the design and consultation phases, Lendlease and the project landscape architects were able to further enhance their understanding of the attention to detail required to deliver a successful inclusive playspace for children and adults of all abilities."