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Everyone Can Play

A guide to creating inclusive playspaces

Everyone Can Play

A guide to creating inclusive playspaces

What is Everyone Can Play?

Everyone Can Play is a best practice resource for councils, community leaders, landscape architects and passionate local residents. It is a reference guide for creating world-class playspaces, designed to include everyone in the community.

Through Everyone Can Play, we are helping designers and councils create playspaces that are more inclusive of everyone in the community.

The Everyone Can Play program has funded 141 inclusive playspaces since it commenced in 2018, delivering on its $20 million commitment to creating inclusive playspaces across NSW.

Everyone Can Play grant

Between 2018 - 2022, the grant funded the upgrade and construction of 141 inclusive playspace projects across NSW.

Our principles

The 3 principles of Everyone Can Play promote thinking towards creating more inclusive playspaces across NSW.

Case studies

Read case studies about how inclusive playspaces are being built around NSW and the people involved.

Everyone Can Play guideline

We developed the Everyone Can Play guideline (PDF, 38.7 MB) by working with more than 50 stakeholders from local government, landscape architecture, disability advocates, industry representatives, parents and educators.

We updated the guideline in 2023 to provide more technical support and inspiration when creating water and nature playspaces, and places that connect Country and community.

Download the guideline

Everyone Can Play guidelines.

Inclusive playspaces

Find out more about inclusive playspaces and why it’s important that everyone can play in NSW.

Program evaluation


It is estimated the program will have added over 400,000 m2 of inclusive playspace in NSW.


Creating or upgrading inclusive playspaces improved community pride, particularly in regional areas.


Collaboration between the department and councils produced better outcomes for communities

Featured case study

Read the case study on Bowraville Children’s Playspace.
Children playing with play equipment at Bowraville Children's Playspace. Image credit: Nambucca Shire Council.