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George Kendall Riverside Park

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Park upgrades – coming soon

We are working closely with the City of Parramatta to improve the much-loved George Kendall Riverside Park. Construction for the revitalisation of the park started in August 2023 with estimated completion mid 2024.

Following 3 rounds of community engagement (PDF, 3.4 MB), site studies, technical investigations and design work, the final concept design (PDF, 5.1 MB) and concept plan revised map (PDF, 3.6 MB) for the park are now complete and available.

See the George Kendall Riverside Park final design video.

About the park

George Kendall Riverside Park is a popular destination for the local community. The park’s wide-open spaces and connection to the river provide a place of respite in one of Sydney’s fastest growing regions.

During 3 rounds of engagement the community highlighted opportunities to make the park more exciting. They wanted a park with playful activities that welcomes all to enjoy the benefits of connecting with nature.

The final concept design leverages the unique location by the Parramatta River. Pathways will bring people down to the waters’ edge, and lead to a new hilltop lookout which will allow visitors to fully appreciate views of the river and beyond.

Parkgoers will be encouraged to explore the foreshore with nature trails and traverse the site through a series of connections including a recreation loop.

Accessibility has been addressed by integrating the site with the Parramatta River Cycleway and creating a new arrival space with parking to bring people into the park.

A learn-to-ride space aimed at young children, creating a family destination has been integrated into the existing playspace.

We will enhance the site's connection to nature with a new, constructed wetland to filter and capture stormwater and new tree planting for shade all year round. Remediation will occur for the site's landfill.

These planned upgrades will not only create a more playful and enjoyable experience, but will enable the park to better accommodate the growing demand for open space in Ermington.

Go to Parks for People for more information about the program.

Design process

Step 1

The first step was to find out what can and can’t be done on the site through due diligence studies and consultation with industry and local experts. The top priority was to create a fun place for diverse recreational interests, ages, and abilities, and to celebrate the natural landscape.

Step 2

We sought initial ideas and feedback from the community and key stakeholders to inform the development of a draft concept design for the upgrades.

Step 3

We presented a draft concept design for community feedback and further input before developing more detailed designs for the park. This stage included a design board to allow people to take a closer look at the proposed key features of the park, and a survey to capture community priorities and values that needed to be further represented in the final plan.

Step 4

We provided an opportunity for the community to take a detailed look at the final plan for the upgrades to George Kendall Riverside Park.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the park located?

George Kendall Riverside is a large park that follows the Parramatta River on the Ermington side of the Silverwater Bridge.

Why upgrade George Kendall Riverside Park?

The park is within the Parramatta area - Sydney’s second central business district and the fastest growing local government area in New South Wales. It is well loved and well used by the community, attracting locals and visitors who relax, play, cycle, walk and enjoy the open spaces, mangroves and river. It’s also an important habitat for wildlife.

As the community continues to grow, and the park gets busier, the upgrades will ensure the space can preserve its natural setting while supporting a diversity of uses and creating special experiences for all members of the community.

How will the park be upgraded?

The upgrades respond to community feedback and include:

  • Greater access to the river with foreshore nature trails and recreation loop
  • New hilltop lookout
  • Integration of the site with the Parramatta River Cycleway, including upgrades to the pathway, and creation of a new arrival space with parking to bring people into the park
  • Remediation of the site's historical use as landfill, particularly the dog park, removal of leachate pipes and capping layer under wetland.
  • A learn-to-ride space aimed at young children, integrated into the existing playspace
  • Greater connection to nature with a new, constructed wetland and swale to filter and capture stormwater and new tree planting for shade all year round.
  • New vehicle entry and car park with pedestrian access and upgraded road and signage
  • Upgraded off-leash dog area.

Construction started in August 2023.

Who was involved in the design of the park upgrades?

The design for the George Kendall Riverside Park upgrades was done in close collaboration with the City of Parramatta, the local community, key stakeholders, and experts.