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Greater Macarthur Growth Area

Greater Macarthur is a Growth Area incorporating Glenfield to Macarthur urban renewal precincts and the land release precincts to the south of Campbelltown, including Gilead, North Appin and Appin.

The plans for the precincts have now been finalised

Visit the precinct pages to view detailed changes to each precinct plan.

Gilead and Appin (part) precinct planning proposals 

Two planning proposals in Greater Macarthur Growth Area are currently being assessed by the department:

  • Gilead (Stage 2), located within the Gilead Precinct, will transform an 876 hectare site for up to 3,300 new homes, a school, a small town centre, public open space and environmental conservation land, and land dedicated to several koala corridors
  • Appin (part) Precinct, located within the Appin Precinct, is a 1,284 hectare site which can deliver more than 12,000 new homes, including affordable housing, regional open space, local centres, and help secure new koala corridors.

The proposals were on exhibition for community and stakeholder feedback from 21 November to 19 December 2022. 

A third proposal is expected for North Appin, however it is yet to be lodged and is anticipated to be exhibited in 2023.

Next steps

All feedback received is currently being considered and any required changes made to the proposals. The department’s final assessment report and decision will be made publicly available on the Planning Portal in 2023. The department will place the Development Control Plans on exhibition in early 2023 for further consultation.

Greater Macarthur Structure Plan

The department has worked with councils, agencies and the Aboriginal community to update the Greater Macarthur Growth Area structure plan map (PDF, 994 KB) and the accompanying guide to the Greater Macarthur Growth Area (PDF, 3.3 MB) which outlines important work completed since the last update was published in December 2021.