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Northern Gateway precinct

Western Sydney Aerotropolis

The Northern Gateway precinct will be a specialised centre linking Western Sydney Airport with the metropolitan cluster of Greater Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown-Macarthur. It will be an employment precinct that can be easily accessed, with supporting residential areas where land is not severely affected by aircraft noise.

It will provide skilled employment and business opportunities north of the airport. Employment uses will include freight and logistics, warehousing, technology, commercial enterprise, offices, industry, creative industry, fresh food markets, education, civic, health, visitor accommodation, recreation and entertainment. The precinct will have synergies with the adjacent Western Sydney Airport Business Park, south of Elizabeth Drive.

Over time, the precinct will expand from the Sydney Science Park, which comprises a town centre with commercial buildings and housing. Sydney Metro services will provide connections between the Northern Gateway, Western Sydney Airport and Bradfield City Centre, within the Aerotropolis Core precinct. Rapid bus services to Penrith will provide additional connectivity. The precinct will have access via Luddenham Road, Elizabeth Drive and the Agribusiness precinct to the airport. Over time, new roads will provide links to the rest of the Aerotropolis, St Marys, Greater Penrith and Greater Sydney. Residential mixed use will be medium and higher density within the walking catchment around the Luddenham Metro station, and oriented to address creek corridors and green spaces. In the north west of the precinct, lower density residential development will assist to activate the precinct in the early stages of its development.

The topography of the precinct provides opportunities for distinctive place-making and connection to Country, and challenges with respect to large footprint industrial buildings. The street pattern and location of open space responds to topography, links ridges to creeks and the proposed land use.

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