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Minister for Planning and Public Spaces’ Alternative Heritage Arrangements Scheme

Under the Sydney Local Environment Plan 2012, owners of eligible heritage-listed buildings can complete conservation work, or commit to maintaining a conserved building in return for Heritage Floor Space (HFS). The awarded heritage floor space can then be on-sold to a site that requires HFS as part of an approved development application, via the HFS Register.

There is a significant shortage of HFS available on the market. To help solve this, in December 2021, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces created the Alternative Heritage Arrangements Scheme (PDF, 250 KB) so that developers can enter into alternative arrangements, using planning agreements if they are unable to acquire HFS on the market. The new policy means some significant developments facing delays can now progress.

The scheme is established under clauses 6.10 and 6.11 of the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Building system circulars

Building system circulars provide advice and guidance on building codes and regulations. We provide this information for councils, certifiers and building industry practitioners.

Development regulations for bushfire affected land

The NSW Government has updated bushfire planning regulations to reduce red tape with bushfire assessments and speed up approvals for housing developments, while ensuring safety remains the number one priority. The changes apply only to new urban release areas in 40 NSW local government areas and do not apply to existing developments in bushfire-prone areas. Go to development regulations to find out more.

NSW Coastal Policy

The NSW Coastal Policy 1997 sets the direction for coastal zone management and planning in NSW. It seeks to ensure the natural, cultural, spiritual and heritage values of the coastal environment are protected whilst acknowledging and planning for population growth and economic development. Go to coastal management to find out about the policy.

Policy for Exempt and Complying Development

The State Policy for exempt and complying development is contained within the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the State Policy). Go to exempt and complying development policy.

Integrated Mining Policy in NSW

The Integrated Mining Policy in NSW aims to:

  • improve the regulation and assessment of major mining projects
  • strike a balance between the significant benefits mining can bring to the economy and the potential impacts on communities and the environment
  • help manage the environmental and social impacts of mining
  • ensure the community has access to relevant and timely information about mining projects.

Go to Integrated Mining Policy.

Supporting infrastructure planning

State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 assists the NSW Government, councils and the communities they support by simplifying the process for providing infrastructure like schools, hospitals, roads, railways, emergency services, water supply and electricity delivery. Go to the policy page for infrastructure.

Planning system circulars

Planning system circulars provide advice and guidance on issues that relate to planning and policy. We provide this information for councils, certifiers and building industry practitioners.

Planning for NSW alpine resorts

Alpine resort development assessments are governed by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Kosciuszko National Park-Alpine Resorts) 2007 (the Alpine SEPP). The Alpine SEPP aims to protect the natural and cultural heritage of land within the Alpine resorts and to encourage environmentally sustainable development. Go to the policy page for alpine resorts.