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The planning pathway

Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Planning for and around the Aerotropolis involves a number of statutory plans and strategic policies.

With the finalisation of the planning package, there is now a hierarchy of plans that will guide development in the Aerotropolis, as follows: 

  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan (WSAP)
  • State Environmental Planning Policy (Precincts – Western Parkland City) Chapter 4, Aerotropolis 
  • Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021(in relation to local infrastructure contributions)
  • Ministerial Direction 1.10 Implementation of Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan
  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan (DCP) Phase 2
  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis Precinct Plan 2022
  • Western Sydney Aerotropolis Master Planning Guidelines (24 December 2021)
  • Luddenham Village Interim Strategy.

View the planning package

View the Phase 2 DCP

Project timeline

August 2018Release of Stage 1 Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan
September 2019Release of What We Heard Community Consultation Report
December 2019Release of Draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan, Draft State Environmental Planning Policy Discussion Paper and Draft Aerotropolis Development Control Plan - Phase 1
Early 2020Community Consultation
September 2020
Finalisation of Western Sydney Plan; Phase 1 DCP and Aerotropolis SEPP (including rezoning of initial precincts) and release of the Finalisation Report and Master Planning Guidelines
10 November 2020 – 12 March 2021Initial Precinct Plans and Special Infrastructure Contributions released for community consultation
8 October 2021 – 5 NovemberExhibition of Western Sydney Aerotropolis Explanation of Intended Effect, Luddenham Village Discussion Paper, and Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan – Phase 2
25 March 2022Final Precinct Plan – Initial Precincts; State Infrastructure Contribution; updated Aerotropolis SEPP; Luddenham Village Interim Strategy; Master Plan Guidelines.
10 November 2022Phase 2 DCP finalisation.

The framework may be amended from time to time to accommodate approved master plans and updates to the controls. Community consultation will be conducted before any amendments occur.