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West Schofields

North West Growth Area

West Schofields precinct is in Sydney’s North West Growth Area, about 10 km from the Blacktown CBD.

In August 2018, we invited the community and stakeholders to give feedback on a draft rezoning package for West Schofields led by the NSW Government. Visit the NSW Planning Portal to view the draft rezoning package and supporting documents that were exhibited.

What’s happening now

Recent flood modelling has demonstrated that flood related risk to life and property may be greater than previously known. As a result, we have determined that a full rezoning of the West Schofields Precinct, as envisaged by the draft Precinct Plan, should not proceed.

As an alternative to the full rezoning, we will now investigate a partial rezoning of the Precinct for up to 2,300 dwellings above the current Probable Maximum Flood level. The potential residential development is to be in the southern part of the Precinct, which is less impacted by flooding.

For more information, download:

Exhibited draft plan and supporting documents can be found on the NSW Planning Portal.

How was flood risk determined?

Following several major flooding events across Western Sydney in recent years, including parts of the West Schofields Precinct, necessary analysis was undertaken on flood evacuation route capacities, flood levels and flood risk management.

The State Government’s 2022 Flood Inquiry made a series of recommendations, including several that are particularly relevant to planning and development in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley.

Within this context, a Flood Advisory Panel was convened to consider high-risk rezoning proposals, including the draft Precinct Plan for West Schofields.

The Panel has recommended that any new homes in West Schofields must be above the Probable Maximum Flood level. This means new homes should only be built in areas that are less likely to be impacted by flooding during major events.

Next steps

The department will continue to work with landowners in the southern part of the precinct, which is less impacted by flooding, to finalise a rezoning plan.

Online information session

On Thursday 9 November 2023 we held an online information session to provide landowners with more information on the decision not to proceed with the full rezoning of West Schofields. This session also provided an opportunity for landowners to have their questions on the decision answered by representatives of the department.

You can watch a recording of the online information session and view the presentation slides (PDF, 2.4 MB) that were presented on the night. A document with responses to questions that needed to be taken on notice during the session will be made available here shortly.

One-on-one sessions

One-on-one sessions with the department and NSW Reconstruction Authority are now available for you to book. These sessions provide an opportunity to speak directly with a planner or representative from NSW Reconstruction Authority on what this decision may mean for your specific property.

These sessions will be 20 minutes in length and will be held via the Microsoft Teams platform. You will also have the option to provide any questions you would like to discuss in advance.

For more information, register to join one of our sessions:

  • Date: Various dates beginning Friday 24 November
  • Time: Various times beginning 8 am
  • Date: Various dates beginning Friday 24 November
  • Time: Various times beginning 8 am

Independent Community Liaison Service

We have appointed Professor Roberta Ryan to provide independent community liaison support to help small landowners understand this decision.

To speak with Roberta about this decision, email [email protected]

Landowner counselling service

A free, confidential telephone counselling service is available to all West Schofields landowners.

AccessEAP is an Australian owned and not-for-profit organisation that will provide landowners with general counselling, financial, and other specialist services over the phone.

To access this service, phone 1800 818 728, and indicate you are a landowner in West Schofields.

For more information about the West Schofields precinct, email [email protected]