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Bayside West Precincts

Priority growth areas and precincts

We have rezoned the Bayside West Precincts, also known as the Arncliffe and Banksia precincts.

The rezoning helps us achieve the Bayside West Precincts 2036 Plan (PDF, 8.9 MB) and brings a greater mix of housing options, transport and open spaces to the area.

The 2036 Plan incorporates feedback we received from the community (PDF, 4 MB) and our response to feedback (PDF, 1.1 MB).


The 2036 Plan sets out land use and infrastructure delivery for the area over the next twenty years.

A greener area

The 2036 Plan includes a Arncliffe and Banksia Green Plan (PDF, 17.6 MB) which helps guide planning of open and green space. The Green Plan introduces a new 7,000 square-metre park.

Considered planning for Cooks Cove

Nine planning principles (PDF, 520 KB) were created for future development at Cooks Cove. The principles cover environmental, transport, liveability and ecological considerations.

A planning proposal for Cooks Cove was notified for public comment between 24 April and 6 June 2023.

The Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel is the Planning Proposal Authority for this planning proposal. The panel will now review and consider all submissions received.

You can view more information about the planning proposal on the NSW Planning Portal.

More housing choices

The 2036 Plan includes a range of housing types to meet the varied needs of the community. These include detached dwellings, townhouses and apartments/units.

Revitalisation of Princes Highway

The 2036 Plan aims to revitalise sections of the Princes Highway around Arncliffe and Banksia. This includes having a greater mix of land uses for both employment and residential dwelling.

Boosts in funding

A Bayside West Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) will provide up to $88.3 million to pay for extra open space, pedestrian and cycling facilities and road improvements over the next 20 years.

Residential developers will pay for the SIC, which is designed to ensure development is accompanied by the crucial infrastructure needed for communities to grow and flourish.

Under the Precinct Support Scheme, Bayside Council has been allocated $10 million to help fund local infrastructure projects.

These include:

  • $4.5 million upgrade to Arncliffe Park
  • $2.5 million upgrade to Gardiner Park
  • $3 million revamp to Arncliffe town centre and along the Princes Highway.

Further planning for Arncliffe Station

The 2036 Plan identified the area west of Arncliffe Station for further investigation. There is an opportunity for further master planning and high quality urban design in the area.

What happens next

A Ministerial Direction (PDF, 520 KB) ensures that planning authorities consider the 2036 Plan in future plan making.

Amendments have also been made to the Rockdale Local Environmental Plan 2011 to reflect the changes to Arncliffe and Banksia precincts.

We will continue to work with the community and local council in future planning.