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Housing mix

Waterloo south

The plan for Waterloo south includes a mix of social housing, affordable housing and private homes.

Number of homes

The majority of the land in the plan is owned by the NSW government.

The plan allows for an estimated 3,012 new homes on the government owned land. The number of homes is calculated using the average size of various types of housing.

Of the 3,012 homes, about 847 or 28.2% are social housing homes, around 227 or 7.5% are affordable homes and around 1,938, or 64.3% are private homes.

At least 847 social housing homes are needed to meet the requirements set out in the gateway conditions. Gateway conditions are requirements that need to be met before the plan can be made public.

Design excellence

All new buildings on government owned land will need to take part in a design excellence process.

The design excellence process is led by the City of Sydney and makes sure new buildings are well designed and consider factors such as:

  • the shape of the building
  • sustainability
  • how much sunlight comes into homes
  • noise into and out of homes
  • garden design
  • wind.

Architects may include up to 10% more homes in the design, as longs as it meets with design excellence criteria and the height of the building remains the same. Any additional homes would include a mix of 28.2% social housing, 7.5% affordable housing, and 64.3% private homes.

The process requires architects to submit building designs into a competition. A panel of experts then assess the entries and select a winning design for construction.