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Dark sky video series

Dark sky and light pollution – video series

Good lighting reduces energy waste and provides environmental, health and economic benefits to communities and ecosystems.

These videos show how protecting the night sky from light pollution benefits astronomy, birds and animals, ecosystems and human health.

Dark sky: Light pollution and you

Life on earth evolved 3.6 billion years ago. This video [2:17] looks at the implications of introducing light into our environment over the past 200 years.

Dr Maya Babu: Blue light and your eyes

Dr Maya Babu explains how exposure to blue light from televisions, computers and phone screens around bedtime can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Wayne Wescott: Sea turtles and light

In this video [1:07], learn about managing the impact of light on our precious sea turtle population as our cities grow.

Dr Theresa Jones: Sleep cycles in animal

Animals have a body clock just like us. In this video [0:53], Dr Theresa Jones explains how light pollution can make it difficult for animals to sleep.

Dr Andre Chiaradia: Light pollution and seabirds

In this video [0:52], learn how seabirds use light to navigate and how light pollution at night can lead them astray.