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Transport and Infrastructure SEPP

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure) 2021 (Transport and Infrastructure SEPP) provides a more efficient planning framework for delivering infrastructure in NSW.

Modern, efficient infrastructure is vital for the growth, prosperity and wellbeing of NSW communities. Planning for future infrastructure and upgrading existing services are critical for urban and regional development. It's also necessary for stimulating our economy and supporting housing supply.

The Transport and Infrastructure SEPP ensures infrastructure is delivered with appropriate environmental assessment and consultation.

The SEPP outlines the planning rules for delivering most infrastructure works and facilities across NSW. This includes rules for:

  • providing greater flexibility in the location of infrastructure and services
  • allowing for efficient development of land for infrastructure
  • identifying projects where environmental impacts are likely to be minimal as exempt or complying development
  • outlining the approval process and assessment requirements for infrastructure proposals
  • allowing for consultation with relevant public authorities and communities about infrastructure development.

Infrastructure areas covered by the policy

InfrastructureChapter in the SEPP
Delivery of various infrastructure types and service facilitiesChapter 2
Delivery of educational establishments and childcare facilitiesChapter 3
Identification and control of major infrastructure corridorsChapter 4
Development at the state's 3 major ports: Port Botany, Port Kembla and Port of NewcastleChapter 5
Development at the Moorebank Freight Intermodal PrecinctChapter 6

More information

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