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Heritage Stoneworks

The skilled artisans at Heritage Stoneworks practise the ancient craft of stonemasonry. They handcraft sandstone to maintain and preserve our state’s most historic and impressive buildings.

Their work ensures that more than 800 heritage-significant sandstone buildings across NSW remain culturally significant and operational as schools, hospitals and courthouses.

Heritage Stoneworks is helping to future-proof the heritage stonework industry as the major employer of stonemason apprentices.

Heritage Stoneworks services

  • Stonemasonry preservation, restoration, replacement and protection
  • Intricate carving and shaping of stone
  • Heritage roofing, including slate and metal deck roofing, copper and lead work
  • Heritage refurbishment and building maintenance
  • Giving expert advice on heritage maintenance, as well as project and construction management services
  • Giving expert advice on stone and slate selection and processing to suit heritage requirements
  • Stone processing (cutting and shaping) at the Alexandria stone yard

Stories from the Field

Get to know the people who care for our public spaces on the ground.

Minister's Stonework Program

Heritage Stoneworks collaborates with the Minister's Stonework Program, which provides a statewide, strategic approach to maintaining heritage buildings through conservation planning, condition analysis, prioritisation and budget development.

The program is designed to achieve high-quality, best-value conservation outcomes. It is recognised for developing traditional masonry and other trade skills for the heritage industry throughout NSW and beyond.

The Minister's Stonework Program is in its fourth decade and is an innovative, multi-award-winning industry leader.

State of Stone

State of Stone – Celebrating the Minister's Stonework Program, is a visual publication celebrating the many achievements and accolades of the program, the people who have driven and contributed to this important heritage initiative, and the outcomes it has delivered for NSW.

The book serves as a source of information and inspiration to those interested in the continued care and protection of sandstone-built heritage in NSW.

Read about State of Stone

Conservation projects

Australian Museum former National School building (established 1849)

Project completed: early 2022

Work completed:

  • Replaced deteriorated sandstone that had reached the end of its functional life or was structurally unsound
  • Patched stone and pinned cracked/damaged stone in its original position
  • Repointed sandstone and brick joints
  • External cleaning to remove biological growth, pollution and dirt

Bathurst Courthouse (established 1880)

Project completed: mid-May 2022

Work completed:

  • Masonry and stone repointed
  • Replaced decayed sandstone to base courses on the west and east wings (ground level), cornice course of the dome and balcony cornice on west and east wings. Used Sydney sandstone to match the original
  • Synthetic stone repairs
  • Reconstructed missing lead gargoyles to match existing ones on copper lantern gutter
  • Provided lead weathering to protect replacement sandstone

Tarpeian Way (established 1847)

Project completed: April 2022

Work completed:

  • Phase 1 – Stabilisation works for Sydney Opera House forecourt rock face
    • Protected significant built and landscape elements from potential damage
    • Ensured the wall is low-risk for Sydney Opera House visitors
  • Phase 2 – Palisade fence repairs
    • Stone replaced to maintain heritage significance of fence
    • Minimised waste by reusing most of the extracted stones
    • No environmental impact has been reported on surrounding facilities

For more information about Heritage Stoneworks, phone 02 8286 8700 or contact us.

If you have considered a career in a specialised trade such as stonemasonry, talk to the team and see if you are interested to carve out your future as an apprentice stonemason.