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Pyrmont Peninsula

Priority growth areas and precincts

Pyrmont Peninsula has 7 sub-precincts that make it a varied and vibrant place. It’s a cultural and entertainment destination, a centre for innovation and jobs for the future, and a place where people love to live.

The Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy is a 20-year framework. It identifies areas that can accommodate future growth in the Darling Island, Blackwattle Bay, Tumbalong Park and Ultimo sub-precincts, while enabling more gradual growth in the Pirrama, Pyrmont Village and Wentworth Park sub-precincts.

The place strategy aims to unlock new jobs, new opportunities and a vibrant 24-hour culture. It includes protection for sunlight access, heritage and local character, as well as safeguards to ensure infrastructure is delivered alongside development.

Since the place strategy was finalised in 2020, we have been working with the City of Sydney, state government agencies and key site landowners on plans for the sub-precincts.

Sub-precinct master plans

The sub-precinct master plans and new planning controls for 4 key sites in Pyrmont have been finalised.

The master plans build on the priorities set out in the place strategy. The plans give high-level guidance on how the sub-precincts could develop over the next 20 years to create unique and liveable places.

A state environmental planning policy has amended Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 to allow:

  • the new Pyrmont Metro station, including a 110-m tower above one station entrance (37 to 69 Union Street) and a second station entrance (26 to 32 Pyrmont Bridge Road)
  • a 105-m, 6-star hotel, a new theatre, and a rooftop dining and event space at The Star Casino (20 to 80 Pyrmont Street)
  • an Indigenous residential college and associated education facilities for the University of Technology, Sydney in Harris Street (622 to 632, 634 to 642 and 644 to 644A Harris Street Ultimo).

The What We Heard report (PDF, 247 KB) shows how we have responded to public comment on our proposals. The final package, with exhibition documents, is in the NSW Planning Portal. The package also includes an infrastructure delivery plan for the next 20 years.

A special infrastructure contribution scheme will deliver up to $280 million to help pay for the new Pyrmont Metro station.

What happens next 

The City of Sydney council will lead more planning to carry out the place strategy. The next steps include:

  • developing planning controls for the remaining sites capable of change
  • a change to the Sydney Development Control Plan
  • preparing a local infrastructure contributions plan. 

For more information, visit the City of Sydney.

Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy

The Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy provides a 20-year plan for future growth in the peninsula, with up to 23,000 more jobs and up to 4,000 new homes.

We want to ensure growth and change can be balanced with local character, heritage and amenity.

The place strategy identifies 5 Big Moves:

  • a world-class harbour foreshore walk
  • a vibrant 24-hour cultural and entertainment destination
  • connections to the new Pyrmont Metro station
  • a low-carbon, high-performance precinct
  • better public spaces.

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