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Explorer Street, Eveleigh


The Explorer Street site is in South Eveleigh, about 2 km south of Central Sydney CBD and sits within the City of Sydney local government area. The site is roughly 2.3 hectares and currently consists of 46 townhouses on Explorer Street and Aurora Place that are owned by Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC). It includes South Sydney Rotary Park, which offers about 8,000 square metres of open public space.

Planning investigation

We are consulting with the City of Sydney and LAHC to investigate the potential renewal and redevelopment of the site. This would build on work previously done by LAHC. We expect the potential redevelopment would provide more social housing, mixed with affordable and private housing and improvements to the open space. 

Next steps

We are currently working with industry experts to prepare a concept masterplan and draft planning controls to support the renewal of the site, with input from LAHC, the City of Sydney and other key stakeholders. We will exhibit the concept masterplan and draft planning controls for community and stakeholder feedback in late 2023.