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Central Coast

The Central Coast’s natural environment is its distinguishing feature. Kilometres of ocean foreshore, coastal lakes, rivers, estuaries, lagoons, valleys and mountains have created corridors that have shaped the region’s development.

The economy is strong and diversified and proximity to Greater Sydney and Newcastle has made it possible for residents to access a wider variety of jobs and services both within and beyond the region.

Thanks to urban planning, revitalised local centres such as Gosford have become livelier, more attractive places, with vibrant retail and services.

The region’s renowned natural environment provides attractive settings for a range of lifestyles and is a drawcard for visitors beyond the region.

Coordinated land-use and infrastructure planning, including assessment and development of land owned by the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council will deliver long term benefits for all of the region’s communities.

And improvements to health, transport, education, sporting and civic infrastructure have bolstered the Central Coast’s liveability.

Sunrise over the tessellated pavement in Bouddi National Park. Credit: Destination NSW

The regional plan aims to build a strong economy, essential infrastructure and to protect the natural environment. Discover more about the Central Coast Regional Plan 2041.

Woy Woy Road, Kariong

A planning proposal has been prepared by the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and seeks to rezone land to deliver up to 50 new homes and a new pocket park close to existing homes in Kariong.

Aerial view of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

In February 2019, the NSW Government released the Darkinjung Delivery Framework, a set of pioneering planning measures to assist Darkinjung better utilise their land.

Aerial view of the Gosford community.

The NSW Government Architect’s Urban Design Framework provides the long-term vision for the continued development and renewal of the Gosford City Centre.

Agricultural land on the NSW Central Coast.

Discover how planning has evolved over the years to deliver revitalisation for this region.

Aerial view of Warnervale Airport.

In February 2021, the NSW Parliament voted to repeal the Warnervale Airport (Restrictions) Act 1996 (the Act).