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Community Consultative Committees

State significant projects are large, complex, and can have major economic, social and environmental impacts over a long period of time.

The department encourages proponents to engage with the community and stakeholder groups at all stages of these projects.

Community engagement ensures that the community and stakeholder groups are:

  • kept informed of the status of projects, any new initiatives, and the performance of proponents
  • consulted on the development of projects, management plans and proposed changes to approved projects
  • able to provide feedback on key issues that may arise during the development or implementation of projects.

Community Consultative Committees play an important role in ensuring proponents engage with the community and stakeholder groups on State significant projects.

The department has developed a guideline to clarify the roles and responsibilities of Community Consultative Committees, and to help these committees operate effectively.

This guideline will be reviewed every 5 years to ensure they are kept up to date.

Read the Community Consultative Committee Guideline (PDF, 1.7 MB).