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Sydney Metro Northwest: proposed SEPP amendment

Proposed change to a state environmental planning policy (SEPP)

We are proposing to amend the State and Regional Development SEPP, which is now part of the Planning Systems SEPP 2021. We propose this to ensure the planning pathway for developing government-owned land within 8 station precincts is consistent and transparent. The precincts are along Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project: the $8.3-billion Sydney Metro Northwest.

The proposed change – outlined in the consultation paper (PDF, 540 KB) – nominates the Minister for Planning as the consent authority for future state significant development on government-owned land.

State significant development must meet any of the following criteria. The development must:

  • be a principal subdivision establishing major lots or public domain areas
  • create new roadways and associated works
  • have a capital investment value of more than $30 million.

We propose to limit the use of this clause to development done by or on behalf of Transport for NSW or the Planning Ministerial Corporation, established under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

Read the consultation paper

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