NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Accessing documents via Planning and Environment website

Planning and Environment aims to make its website accessible to all people including those with disabilities or restricted internet access.

People with disabilities

For the sight-impaired, the text size can be reduced or increased by clicking on the A A symbols at the upper right of each webpage.

Also the size of entire webpage can be increased by holding the Ctrl key and rolling the scroll wheel of the mouse forward. Rolling the scroll wheel backward will reduce the page size back again.

If you are browsing the website with a screen reader and find information in PDF format that you can not access please contact us for assistance.

People with restricted internet access

Planning and Environment aims to keep the size of all PDF documents on the website below 10 megabytes. However this may not always be possible in all cases. For example, large development proposals, or documents containing large images or maps.

Page last updated: 15/07/2022