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NSW Department of Planning and Environment
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About us

The Department’s Compliance team works with communities, local councils across NSW, as well as state and federal government agencies, to ensure state significant development (SSD) and state significant infrastructure (SSI) projects across NSW meet conditions of their approval.

These conditions often include the need to regularly monitor, audit and report on compliance. It may also include the need to commission independent experts to audit compliance, assess and recommend improvements to environmental performance.

We also educate stakeholders on our compliance work, investigate potential breaches, and carry out necessary enforcements. These can take the form of negotiating practical solutions to issuing penalty notices and criminal prosecutions.

Our compliance policy and associated guidelines provide information about how we go about our work and help to guide the work of our compliance officers.

Allegations of non-compliance with conditions of consent relating to the following approval types will be investigated by the Department:

✔ State Significant Infrastructure (SSI)

✔ State Significant Development (SSD)

✔ Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI).

Examples of matters that will not be investigated by the department:

X  Allegations of non-compliance with development consents issued by local councils (please contact your local council)

X  Complaints, or allegations of non-compliance, relating to Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s) issued by private certifiers (please contact your local council)

X  Results of investigations carried out by local councils (please contact your local council)

X  Approval process for developments approved by councils (please contact your local council)

X  Neighbour disputes

X  Issues that are the responsibility of other government regulators, including:

- NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for pollution-related matters

- SafeWork NSW for safety-related matters

- Natural Resource Access Regulator (NRAR) for illegal water activity matters

X  Complaints relating to allegations of misconduct by local councils or IPAC in the development assessment process. These complaints should be referred to ICAC or the NSW Ombudsman.

Download compliance policies and guidelines

You can also find a summary of the team’s past and present activities under Compliance Activity.

Page last updated: 18/07/2022