NSW Department of Planning and Environment

As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment Improvement Project, the Department has prepared Post Approval Requirements (PAR) documents that will apply to State significant projects where required by the conditions of consent or approval. The Integrated Mining Policy documents may continue to apply to mining projects.



By developing documents that articulate the consent authority’s requirements for State significant projects, the Department aims to achieve a consistent, transparent and documented approach to undertaking post approval activities and monitoring and reporting compliance in NSW.


What are the Compliance Reporting Post Approval Requirements?

The Compliance Reporting PAR contains requirements imposed under conditions of consent or approval. It is not a guideline. This means all elements of the PAR need to be complied with unless conditions of consent or approval provide otherwise.


The Compliance Reporting PAR:

  • identifies the compliance requirements, sets out the methodology and the type of data / evidence to be collected to assess whether compliance has been achieved
  • includes Compliance Reports


View the Compliance Reporting PAR

View historical compliance reporting PARs and factsheets


Benefits of the Compliance Reporting PAR

The Compliance Reporting PAR gives clear direction on how to report compliance by providing:

  • a defined process.
  • defined time frames for undertaking compliance reporting.
  • a consistent approach to reporting compliance.


Go-live dates

The Compliance Reporting PAR are to be implemented when required under conditions of consent or approval and are available on the Department’s website.


Compliance Reporting PAR support


Page last updated: 15/09/2020