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In December 2010, a Concept Plan was approved for an urban development at Calderwood.


Lend Lease Communities(Australia) Limited have submitted a request to modify the concept plan, seeking approval for additional housing supply.  The proposed modifications include;

  • An increased number of dwellings from 4,800 to approximately 6,500
  • An increased gross floor area for retail in the town centre from 20,000m to 25,000m²
  • An increased provision of open space from 33.2ha to 47.4ha
  • Increase the size of a community centre from 900m² to 1,200m²
  • Changes to the approved development control strategy
  • Inclusion of retirement living units and aged care homes, potentially in the north east portion of the site
  • Modifications to the approved road network and additional road infrastructure including the upgrade of Calderwood Road
  • A decreased size of one primary school site from 3ha to 2ha
  • Extension on the timeframe to deliver the high school to the year 2031
  • State and local VPA amendments and additional monetary contributions towards library facilities in Shellharbour
  • Commitment to achieving a 5-6 star green star communities rating or equivalent instead of the previous commitment to install a solar farm or co (tri) generation plant within the town centre.


The modification to the Calderwood Concept Plan was on public exhibition until 11 October 2018.


View application documents

Page last updated: 12/10/2018