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New simplified planning rules have been put on exhibition to make building and renovating easier.


Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the proposed new Housing Code sets out clear and simple rules for works that can be carried out as complying development, allowing them to be fast-tracked.


“These changes will mean the community can build or renovate their home with less time, less money, less paperwork and less frustration,” Mr Stokes said.


“A picture can be worth a thousand words, and this new Housing Code will contain diagrams and simplified explanations to do away with large blocks of text and better illustrate key controls that must be met when building or renovating.



“Simplifying the code will mean you can build a house or add a bedroom without needing to be a planning expert or a lawyer to understand the rules.”


Complying development is a fast-tracked development assessment process that allows certain works that meet set standards to be approved without a full development application.


Approvals for complying development are issued within 22 days on average. This compares with development applications taking an average 71 days.


In 2014-15, complying development accounted for about one third of all development approvals. More than $5.2 billion worth of development was approved through complying development, an increase of 18 per cent on the previous year.


The proposed changes are now on exhibition for the public to provide feedback. Submissions will close on 12 August.


You can review the amendments to the Housing Code at:

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