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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The strategic arm of the Government Architect’s Office has transferred to the Department of Planning and Environment in order to work closely on preserving and enhancing the State’s global status.


Secretary Carolyn McNally said the Department already works closely with the Government Architect on several projects and combining both makes sense.


“This is an exciting time for the Department, and this transfer only adds to the expertise of the Department of Planning and Environment” Ms McNally said.


“This transfer will help make us a Department who leads in strategic planning, and provides best practice for planning and design for NSW, guided by a Department of experts.


The Government Architect is the oldest continuing role in Australia and this year marks its 200-year anniversary.


“An unprecedented program of renewal and planning for the future of NSW towns and cities is underway, and the Government Architect’s Office will bring an enormous amount of expertise to the planning table,” Ms McNally said.


The NSW Government Architect, Peter Poulet, already works closely with the Department on several projects and is eager to create a vibrant NSW while maintaining his role as an independent thought leader.


“It makes sense that my office’s expertise is used to help plan well-designed communities by working with the Department,” Mr Poulet said.


“Liveability will be NSW’s continuing competitive advantage and attraction in the decades ahead.


“We’ll work together to contribute to the state and our city’s ability to foster innovation, develop thriving communities and attract investment and skills from across the world,” Mr Poulet said.

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